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From:Hank Date:February 5 2011 7:58pm
Subject:my.cnf settings specifically for myisamchk
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Hello All,

   I have a new install of CentOS 5.5. 64bit running MySQL 5.5.  This box
has 8GB of memory and is running nothing else other than mysql.

  Shortly, I will be copying over a 80GB database from a Mysql 4.1.x server,
and need to repair/upgrade most of the tables. I'm using myisamchk to do
most of this, and I'd like to know the best settings for myisamchk to best
optimize all the available memory to get the best performance out of
myisamchk.  I can have the mysql server down while I'm doing the rebuild, so
essentially, the only thing running on the box will be myisamchk.  I think
these are the most important settings, but there could be others I am not
aware of:


In case you're asking why I'm using myisamchk, I have found that it is by
far the fastest way to rebuild/upgrade large MYISAM tables and indexes (I
have posted about this before).


my.cnf settings specifically for myisamchkHank5 Feb