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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:February 3 2011 3:23pm
Subject:RE: map polygon data for popular us cities
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I remember a few years back I was doing some terrain modeling, and I think 
there was a repository of files on a US government web site. It's been so long 
that I don't remember what the file format was, but I was importing them into 
a 3D graphics program. There might be flattened versions.


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>Subject: Re: map polygon data for popular us cities
>Besides the above,
>I recall Flickr (you know the photo-sharing site)  being able to extract
>(kind of rough) polygons from exif-data of photos (containing lat/longs) .
>Since often these photo's are tagged by city they could extract city
>See this old posts I dug up quickly, I'm not sure if development is still
>active, etc.
>2011/2/3 viraj <kalinga@stripped>
>> thank you all for the links and notes.
>> ~viraj
>> On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 7:08 AM, Gavin Towey <gtowey@stripped> wrote:
>> > is as close as you'll get. I'd be surprised if they
>> have shapes for cities beyond just lat/lon point data, but they should have
>> shapes data for zips, counties, states and countries if I recall correctly.
>> >
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>> > Subject: Re: map polygon data for popular us cities
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>> > On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 11:30 AM, viraj <kalinga@stripped> wrote:
>> >
>> >> dear list,
>> >> where can i find a list of map polygons for united states cities? any
>> >> open database? or tool to obtain correct coordinates?
>> >>
>> >
>> > A bit offtopic here, but I suspect that most such databases will be
>> > proprietary and thus payable through the nose. Have a look at the
>> > OpenStreetMap project, I suspect their database might be accessible under
>> > some open license.
>> >
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