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From:Hal Vaughan Date:February 2 2011 9:23am
Subject:Finding Data in One of Two Tables
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I'm using this query in a Perl program:

SELECT Distinct x.Search FROM $source.Searches AS x LEFT JOIN searching.Status AS s 
	ON x.Search=s.Search AND s.Source='$source' WHERE x.RedoTime<'$now' AND s.Search IS

This program runs other programs that do internet searches.  I have different sources
(stored in $source, of course), and source has it's own DB with a table, "Searches."  Each
row of searches describes a different search that can be done and each search has a name,
which is stored in the Searches column (within the Searches table, so, yes, I use that
name for a table and a column).

When a search is being executed, an entry is placed in searching.Status, with one row in
that table showing the status of the search.

So if I have a source named "alpha" and searches named "one" and "two" and the system is
executing the search "one," not only is there a row in alpha.Searches describing "one" in
depth, but there is a row in searching.Status describing the progress with "one."

When each search is done, the RedoTime is set so it's easy to see when it needs to be
executed again.

What I want to do is get a list of searches in the Searches table (within the source's DB)
that are NOT listed in Status and where the RedoTime is before $now (the current time).

From what I've read, the query above should do it, but I have this nagging feeling I've
done something wrong.

Will that query pick up all rows in $source.Searches that have a RedoTime before $now that
are NOT also listed in searching.Status?

Thanks for any help on this!

Finding Data in One of Two TablesHal Vaughan2 Feb
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