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From:Rolando Edwards Date:January 21 2011 3:31am
Subject:RE: Interrupt ALTER Process
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Remember, the InnoDB table has a full table lock now since it is doing and ALTER TABLE.
You may want to kill it and try this instead:

In this example, the table with 12M rows is called BigTable

1) CREATE TABLE BigTable2 LIKE BigTable;
2) ALTER TABLE BigTable MODIFY COLUMN <column-name> VARCHAR(<new size>);
3) INSERT INTO BigTable2 SELECT * FROM BigTable;
4) DROP TABLE BigTable;
5) ALTER TABLE BigTable2 RENAME BigTable;

Give it a try !!!

Rolando A. Edwards

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From: Willy Mularto [mailto:sangprabv@stripped] 
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Subject: Interrupt ALTER Process

I have an InnoDB with 12 millions of data. For some reason I need to alter the table
structure by expanding the varchars value. It's been an hour and slow down the
performance. Is it safe to kill the process? Thanks.

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