On Mon, 2011-01-17 at 14:50 +0200, Michael Widenius wrote:

>>>>> "Noel" == Noel Butler <noel.butler@ausics.net> writes:

Noel> In all previous versions we were able to run -Aao --auto-repair

Noel> Anyone know WHY, in 5.5,   -a   and   -o  , must be run separately, this
Noel> is kind of silly I think, requiring two passes now.

I checked the 5.0 code and even there you could not run 'a' and 'o'
separately.  mysqlcheck always used the later option.

Ahhh, so all that time it was silently ignoring the -a ?  But now borks instead of ignores,  my bad :)

However as optimize for most engines that supports it does an
automatic analyze, you can solve your problem by just removing the
'a' option above.

Thanks Monty


PS: Have you tried out MariaDB yet?

I regrettably confess, not yet