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From:Mike Diehl Date:January 14 2011 8:45pm
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Don't you have to have MASSIVE amounts of CPU horsepower with HUGE arrays of
hard drives?  I heard somewhere that an OC-48 was the bare minimum amount of
bandwidth you needed to get started in this business.  My honest advise to
you is to get rid of your database and get a job.

"Johan De Meersman" <vegivamp@stripped> wrote:
> No, I will not get you started, but given that I can't physically get my
> hands around your neck, you I'll content myself by simply dumping you in
> FUCKING SPAMMER bin. Goodbye.
> On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 7:22 PM, <leece320@stripped> wrote:
>> I wondered if you can get me started on selling MANY mailing list to
>> potential clients who are in need of millions of e-mail names and
>> addresses.
>> This has collected for some time. I am needing to start a business doing
>> this
>> Here in the United States and out of country yet I am not sure how to  go
>> about it. I know you need a large server to do this. I just don't know 
>> a
>> good one or how to move forward from there. Can you assist me? I will pay
>> you for your time. A partner would be nice too.Thank you Mary Lisa Gara
>> S.
>> I  am very serious about doing this! Again thank you  much:)
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Take care and have fun,
Mike Diehl.

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