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From:Yogesh Kore Date:January 14 2011 7:27am
Subject:Re: Large table
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What is the table type for Table?

Firstly check with queries and index if required. Check if queries using
this table can be fine tuned. Check if table getting locked.

If size of table is problem and if the table type is innodb check for
innodb_file_per_table options. Also have a look for portioning.

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 4:18 AM, Sairam Krishnamurthy

> All,
> I have a very large table. It has about 1 billion rows. Initially
> everything was fine. But now the table is a bit slow. Loaded takes a lot of
> time. I usually load in chunks of 22 million rows.
> Is the size of the table any way related to the performance? I am not sure
> about this.
> Will splitting the table and having a "view" from multiple table increase
> the performance?
> Thanks in advance.
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> Thanks,
> Sairam Krishnamurthy
> +1 612 859 8161

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