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From:bharani kumar Date:December 24 2010 5:27pm
Subject:join query for sale report
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I want to take the sale report,

Group by catID ,

Daily report ,

    table name : tblbasket   BID Auto Incre, Prim Key

    BID int(20), BasketSessionID varchar(100),ProductCode varchar(50), CatID
int(10), Quantity int(20), AfterDiscount double,purchasedate datetime,
Status int(3)

    table name : tblsale  SaleID     Auto Incre, Prim Key

    SaleID     int(20), BillNo varchar(30), BasketSessionID varchar(200),
CatID int(10), AfterDiscount double, VAT int(20),purchasedate datetime,
Status int(2)

the above is my table structure,

I want to build two query ,

One query should display the daily sale report ,(for this i have
purchasedate, AfterDiscount nothing but an bill amount, Status once the
billing sucess then tblbasket status goes to 3 and tblsale Status goes to 1,
On both table relationship is only BasketSessionID )

second query, this query should display the sale report group by cat id with
VAt(vat is present in sale table, )

How to create the query ,For this scenario

and another is

join query for sale reportbharani kumar24 Dec
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