Hi Joerg,

On Mon, 2010-12-20 at 18:59 +0100, Joerg Bruehe wrote:
Hi Noel, all!

Noel Butler wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 10:08 -0300, Alejandro Bednarik wrote:
>> You are right. In previous version init script have a default value, now is
>> empty.
>> mysql 5.1..53   -   basedir=/usr/local/mysql
>> mysql-5.5.8  -   basedir=.
> /me ponders at who the IDIOT is that decided that cmake is the way of
> mysql now.
>  I mean WTF...

It was the ones who realized that two different build mechanisms
(autotools for Unix, cmake for Windows) will always cause divergence,
when one is maintained with a change and the other isn't.

Being database people, we know the importance of consistency  ;)

I can tell its done by windowsy people, it has pretty colours  :)
seriously though , it's almost as bad as trying to figure out what to give postifx hehe
And in the real world, many sysadmins have to build the database servers for the database admins, I've made my opinion known about cmake so I'll leave my cursing at that.

> /me sticks with 5.1

Do as you like, but realize that 5.1 won't see major development in the
future and will be put on "extended support only" in due time.

For what we use it for, it's likely fine, (user auth/radius/web/mail etc etc etc) nothing complex.

So if anybody encounters differences between 5.1 and 5.5 in such
settings which aren't documented (= by intention, or unavoidable),
please file bugs to get them fixed.

Well, the documentation could be a little more in depth, if you remove method A, and if method B is completely compatible, then there must be detailed information, it is not very good for time management to spend hours looking over the website, yes forge.mysql.com has a handy reference, but the bit about replacing, for instance  plugins=max, it is not clear what we need to include, we know what is default, and some examples of to add given the example given, but no reference to the max server, without time consuming research to see what plugins=max includes, compare, then find equivalent DINSTALL_blah=1's to add, I think it is a backwards step, and you're likely to see more cussing as more go to upgrade.

Nice thing though, my original my.cnf didnt cause it to bail out upon restart, however I only installed it on one very light use server.
want to lay with it a bit before it goes on anything too serious.