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From:Hank Date:December 20 2010 5:52pm
Subject:Re: odd problem with select as statement
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i.e.  just try this:

mysql>  select 4E5664736F400E8B482EA7AA67853D13;
ERROR 1367 (22007): Illegal double '4E5664736' value found during parsing


On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 12:50 PM, Hank <heskin@stripped> wrote:

> Here's my 5 second guess..
> 4E5664736... is being interpreted as a number in scientific notation  ..
> i.e.  4*10^5664736  and the parser doesn't like that as a field name.
> -Hank
> On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 12:43 PM, Ramsey, Robert L <
> robert-ramsey@stripped> wrote:
>> I am having the hardest time getting a select as statement right.  Here is
>> the full query:
>> select
>> SUM(IF(image='EE0840D00E2ED8A317E5FA9899C48C19',1,0)) as
>> EE0840D00E2ED8A317E5FA9899C48C19,
>> SUM(IF(image='235C7987796D5B7CEBF56FBDA2BF7815',1,0)) as
>> 235C7987796D5B7CEBF56FBDA2BF7815,
>> SUM(IF(image='96DC0562ED6E6F7FE789A18E09BC5889',1,0)) as
>> 96DC0562ED6E6F7FE789A18E09BC5889,
>> SUM(IF(image='D8B0EA710D2EF408391132F451AE724A',1,0)) as
>> D8B0EA710D2EF408391132F451AE724A,
>> SUM(IF(image='018C4DB7229D7D2BEB040D241739B784',1,0)) as
>> 018C4DB7229D7D2BEB040D241739B784,
>> SUM(IF(image='98DE1FCA50AC9CE6E0FEA25BAB0177FE',1,0)) as
>> 98DE1FCA50AC9CE6E0FEA25BAB0177FE,
>> SUM(IF(image='4E5664736F400E8B482EA7AA67853D13',1,0)) as
>> 4E5664736F400E8B482EA7AA67853D13,       <--offending line
>> SUM(IF(image='FEB810A43A1B275605BD6B69F444700C',1,0)) as
>> FEB810A43A1B275605BD6B69F444700C
>> from dsrssfeed
>> If I remove that one line, the query works fine.  If I do:
>> select  SUM(IF(image='4E5664736F400E8B482EA7AA67853D13',1,0)) as 4E from
>> dsrssfeed ;
>> it works.  But these fail:
>> select  SUM(IF(image='4E5664736F400E8B482EA7AA67853D13',1,0)) as
>> 4E5664736F400E8B482EA7AA67853D13 from dsrssfeed ;
>> select  SUM(IF(image='4E5664736F400E8B482EA7AA67853D13',1,0)) as 4E5 from
>> dsrssfeed ;
>> It can't be field name length, since even 4E5 fails, the field name can
>> start with a number since 4E succeeds.
>> Any ideas?
>> The goal is to see what arbitrary images have information associated with
>> them.  The table has two fields:  image is a UID that is the primary key,
>> and caption which is a varchar(255) that has information about the image.
>>  Images are added and deleted from the table as they are changed on a web
>> page.  The UID is generated by a third party program that I have to
>> interface with and have no control over.  An array of image UIDs is sent to
>> the php script and the script needs to determine which UIDs are present in
>> the table.  Rather than make N number of individual queries as I iterate
>> through the array, I iterate through the array and build the query on the
>> fly to make one query.  Then I iterate through the array again and check the
>> value in the field.  1 means the UID has an entry, 0 means it doesn't.  I
>> thought doing 1 mysql call would be more efficient than lots of calls as I
>> iterate through the array.  But since there will probably never be more than
>> 100 images in the table at any one time, it may not make any difference.
>>  But now I'm just curious as to why this is happening.
>> Thanks,
>> Bob

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