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From:Gediminas Girgzdys Date:April 22 1999 11:35am
Subject:File table overflow
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I have one database, one table which is accessed from www via php.
mysql options are: table_cache=100 max_connections=40
Time to time i get error  "Error in accept: File table overflow". After that i can't 
connect to mysqld (timeout), that is "mysqladmin status" does not work.
After that I kill mysqld with "kill `cat /path/`"
and start again. But mysqld does not accept connections (without timeout).
It starts working only after 5-10 kill/starts, or maybe some timeout.

What does that error message mean? How can I avoid that? Why mysqld 
does not accept connections after restart?

Gediminas Girgzdys
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File table overflowGediminas Girgzdys22 Apr
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