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From:Jan Steinman Date:December 12 2010 1:23am
Subject:Re: Design: how to prioritise 1-to-many fields
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> From: gvim <gvimrc@stripped>
> I have a typical contact database which caters for multiple email addresses with a
> distinct Email table keyed to a foreign key inside the Contact table, ie. a 1-to-many
> relationship. However, I want to prioritise these Email entries for a given Contact entry
> so all I can think of is to add a numeric Priority field alongside the Address field
> inside the Email table. Is this the best/standard solution or is there another way?

Ask yourself, "what has a relationship with what." Do these Email table entries have
relationships with each other?

Perhaps a better way would be for Email table entries to be threaded together in a linked
list: "Primary --> Secondary --> Tertiary --> ..." rather than put an arbitrary
number in there.

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