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From:Jan Steinman Date:December 9 2010 7:24am
Subject:RE: Bind-address use?
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> " intermittent connection problems (error 2013)"
> Look at SHOW PROCESSLIST; when you're having a connection problem.   If you see lots
> of "unathenticated user" in the list, then it means you're having DNS problems.
> Typically the best way to handle this is to set skip-name-resolve, and using ip
> addresses instead of hostnames in your mysql users for authentication.

Or fix your DNS, if it's under your control.

If you have a named(8) running on your LAN, you should not have DNS timeouts. It doesn't
have to be authoritative -- set up a caching server on the same machine that runs mysql
and talk to it via localhost.

Take it from someone who just had to change all my static IPs -- keep IPs out of your
database connection code! ("Oh, THAT won't happen to me!" And then, it does...)-:

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