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From:Robert Citek Date:December 9 2010 3:50am
Subject:migrating a split replication
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Greetings to all,

Can I migrate slave databases between slave servers?

Imagine the following scenario: I have one master database server with
10 databases.  I also have two slave database servers, one replicating
5 of the 10 databases, the other replicating the other 5 databases.
Can I migrate one of the replicated databases from one slave to the
other, resulting in one slave having 6 databases and the other having
4?  I'm using the term "migrate", but is there a more appropriate

The docs mention various replication strategies[1], including
splitting out different databases to different slaves.  In the extreme
case, I would like to do the opposite, consolidate databases among
slaves, with the final state being all 10 databases on one slave and
none on the second.

Thanks in advance for your help, especially pointers to any references.


- Robert
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