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From:Machiel Richards Date:November 25 2010 10:18am
Subject:Uprading of MySQL
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Hi Guys

    I am looking for some suggestions here please. This is related to a
previous question I had regarding the upgrading of mysql 5.0.51a to
mysql 5.1.53.

    The database is running on Ubuntu-8.0.4 and as stated the only
repository was the 5.0.51a version.

    In order to be able to upgrade 5.1.53 I have had to download the
linux-generic tarball (not a fan of the source versions).

    The tarball installations as far I can remember, basically entailed
creatign of user and groups, untar the file, create link, initialize

    What would be the best method to get the database 5.0.51a upgraded
using this new tarball as it was installed via apt-get.

     I am using a VM to test this at the moment so any suggestions would
be appreciated.

PS... the port needs to stay the same as the previous version so I was
thinking about the following:

    1. setup new instance in seperate directory with it's parameters and
log files,etc...
    2. ensure all is working fine.
    3. during downtime, make a backup of the old database (while no load
to db)
    4. restore to new db 
    5. disable old db from starting up and change new db port to 3306.
    6. test connectivity from apps,etc...

    Any suggestions?


Uprading of MySQLMachiel Richards25 Nov