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From:Gavin Towey Date:November 24 2010 7:27pm
Subject:RE: Another replication question
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If you use a chain of masters, you can accomplish the same effect:


However I don't recommend this since the more links you have in a replication chain, the easier it is to break it in a way that's very not-fun to deal with.

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From: Rolando Edwards []
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 6:53 AM
To: Machiel Richards; mysql mailing list
Subject: RE: Another replication question

MySQL, by design, cannot do that.

A DB Server can be Master to Multiple Slaves
Think of the CHANGE MASTER TO command.
Its internal design cannot accommodate reading from more than one set of relay logs.

You could attempt something convoluted, like
2) CHANGE MASTER TO <Master 1>
4) Read and process some binary log transactions, wait till you are zero sec behind master
6) CHANGE MASTER TO <Master 2>
8) Read some process binary log transactions, wait till you are zero sec behind master
9) Repeat from step 1

Make sure Each Master is updating only one specific set of databases, mutual exclusive from other Masters
Make sure you properly record the log file and log position from each master

I would never try this under normal circumstances.

I think this was described in the "High Performance MySQL" book

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From: Machiel Richards [mailto:machielr@stripped]
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 7:20 AM
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Subject: Another replication question

Hi All

    I am back once again with another replication question (maybe this
can also be handled by MMM but not sure) this time for a different

    We are trying to find out how to setup 3 different masters to
replicate to a single slave server (without the need to have 3 different
instances running on the slave machine).

        Does anybody have any ideas?

        Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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