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From:John Daisley Date:November 24 2010 10:49am
Subject:Re: MMM setup and requirements
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>                1. From what I understand the setup requires a
> management server (3rd machine) which will be used to monitor and manage
> the two database nodes and the replication.
>                        - Am I correct in thinking that this will have
> to be almost the same specs seeing that it will be receiving the sam
> amount of traffic which the single master would have received
> originally?
> A low end machine, eg an old desktop will do the job of the monitor.

>                2. Master-master replication will mean that the data
> needs to be replicated to both machines everytime thus it may be viable
> for high availability but in terms of load balancing / performance it
> will degrade the performance. Am I correct?
mmm will do read balancing

>                3. I have also gone through about 6 websites now for the
> installation procedures and thus far all of them have different
> installation documentation... is there someone with a link or resource
> for a reliable installation (RHEL 5/mysql 5.1.5_x64)

>                I would also be glad for any other suggestions,
> warnings, etc... in this regard.
>                My personal feeling from the research thus far is that
> the current master/slave setup will be the best option for performance
> as that has been their main concern recently and during a system failure
> it is rather quick and easy enough to get the slave running as the
> master.
>                I do  not have as much experience on this yet so I would
> really appreciate assistance.
> Regards
> Machiel

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