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From:Machiel Richards Date:November 11 2010 6:46am
Subject:Oracle imports into MySQL
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Good day all

    I am hoping that someone has got some more answers for me on the
topic as most of the websites which have not been very useful.

    All websites I have found thus far reffers to software that either
needs to be bought or otherwise need to be run manually.

     One of our clients are currently running MySQL for their web based
systems, however all other systems are running oracle.

    There is a current "data load" process from oracle that generates a
dump file of specific data, goes through a convertion process, gets
imported into a mysql runnign on VM to test import, then gets pushed to
MySQL production.

    This process was put in place quite some time ago by developers.

     At some stage I read something about this process not being
required from MySQL 5 onwards and data imports from oracle is less

      The import process needs to run every 30 minutes and the current
process is too troublesome.

        We are busy plannign a hardware migration for the systems and
are also looking at improving these processes.

        Does anybody have experience with this to perhaps provide me
with some info on how we can improve this import process?

        Any assistance will be appreciated.


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