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From:Anders Karlsson Date:November 8 2010 10:05pm
Subject:Re: Death of MySQL popularity?
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I was a MySQL Sales Engineer up til a few weeks ago. I spent 6+ year at 
MySQL. MySQL Classic never ever had InnoDB in it. Actually, the reason 
for the existence of MySQL Classic was just that: MySQL without InnoDB 
for OEMs.

If you wanted a non-GPL MySQL, you had to pay for it. And if MySQL 
wanted a non-GPL InnoDB (in the old days, before Oracle), MySQL had to 
pay for it. So for the customers that only embedded MyISAM, they could 
get by by not having InnoDB included, which would lower the cost for 
MySQL, as there was no InnoDB licence to pay.

Note in the above that this is OEM / Embedded only. For MySQL Enterprise 
customers InnoDB was always included. Why? Because this was a GPL 
distribution, using a GPL InnoDB, so no need for a InnoDB licence. 
Simple as that.

In the old scheme then, when I was around, MySQL came in a few different 
- MySQL Embedded / OEM
-- With or without InnoDB. Two different prices (MySQL Classic being the 
low end then). Commercial icence.
- MySQL Enterprise
-- The "supported" MySQL version. Different flavours mainly using 
different SLAs and different MySQL Enterprise Monitor functionalities. 
GPL Licence.
- MySQL Community Edition - The "good old" GPL downloadable version. GPL 

Michael Dykman skrev 2010-11-08 22:47:
> I think Jorge Bruehe already has weighed in.  That is about as direct
> as you are likely to hear unless you have Larry Ellison on facebook.
>   - michael dykman
> On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 4:41 PM, Daevid Vincent<daevid@stripped>  wrote:
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>>> You may want to read that again, but with your glasses on :-)
>>> "Subscription" means roughly "commercial support". The (1)
>>> subscript means
>>> "Features only available in Commercial Editions", and is
>>> noted *only* for
>>> Workbench SE, Enterprise Monitor, Enterprise Backup and
>>> Cluster Manager.
>>> I will join you in wondering whether that means Workbench is gonna go
>>> payware, though.
>>> On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 10:13 AM, Christoph Boget
>>> <christoph.boget@stripped>wrote:
>>>> So the free version is going to include only MyISAM?  And
>>> you won't be
>>>> able to connect using MySQL Workbench (and presumably apps
>>> like MySQL
>>>> Query Browser)?  Otherwise you have to shell out $2k?  Wow.  I think
>>>> it might be time to start seriously looking at Postgres...
>> So there definitely is some confusion out there. Can someone from the
>> @mysql / @oracle camp please confirm or deny the allegations?
>> lopment-will-be-assimilated/
>> ition/
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