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From:Larry Martell Date:November 8 2010 8:11pm
Subject:Re: numeric comparisons
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On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Michael Satterwhite <michael@stripped> wrote:
> While I don't know why the behavior changed, the comparison of floating point
> values has been an issue since the day computers were created. In the last 10
> - 15 years, the comparisons have worked better, but it's still an issue. The
> problem is that most decimal fractions do not convert well to binary.
> Actually, I'd expect the example of 4.5 to work fine as 0.5 does convert well
> to a binary floating point - but that is academic.
> In the 1970's I got used to writing floating point comparisons as
>        x = 4.3
>        if(abs(x - 4.3) .lt. <some tolerance>)
> The tolerance is how close the values needed to be for me to consider them
> equal. An example might be
>        if(abs(x - 4.3) .lt. 0.00001)
> Someone else might be able to shed some light on why the behavior changed.
> On Monday, November 08, 2010 12:50:16 pm Larry Martell wrote:
>> I have a client that asked me to look into a situation where they were
>> seeing different behavior with the same data and same sql on 2
>> different servers.
>> The have some sql that was comparing a double to a varchar in a where
>> clause - something like this:
>> where (doubleCol > varcharCol and some other conditions) or
>>            (doubleCol < varcharCol and some
> other conditions)
>> Let's take an example where the varcharCol has a string in like
>> '4.5000' and the doubleCol has 4.5.
>> On their 5.0.45 server this was working as 'expected' (i.e. the
>> comparisons in the where clause were false since they are numerically
>> equal). But on their 5.0.18 server the > clause was resolving to true.
>>  I changed the query to cast both columns to binary, so the query now
>> reads:
>> where (cast(doubleCol as binary) > cast(varcharCol as binary) and some
>> other conditions) or
>>            (cast(doubleCol as binary) <
> cast(varcharCol as binary) and
>> some other conditions)
>> And now on both servers the < clause of the query is resolving to true.
>> I know I can strip off the trailing zeros from the varchar, but there
>> must be a generic way to cast these so they compare properly as
>> numbers.
>> TIA
>> -larry

Prompted by a reply I got off-list, I changed the cast from casting to
binary to casting to decimal(10,5) and it seems to work properly on
both servers.
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