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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:October 25 2010 6:23pm
Subject:Re: Query precision issue
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sorry to be so blunt, and please don't feel offended:

Sairam Krishnamurthy wrote:
> [[...]]
> Can somebody help me to find out the problem? I can very well truncate
> the trailing zeros when querying, but I am interested in finding why an
> additional trailing zero returns an empty set.

You have not understood the concept of floating point data and of their
binary representation.
For a starter, please try to write the *exact* value 1.0/3.0 with a
finite number of decimal digits.

A basic paper on this was available here:

Any attempt to solve your problem by giving a different number of
trailing zeros is bound to fail. You best drop the approach of using
equality predicates for floating point data, it will not work in the
general case.


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