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From:Tim Thorburn Date:October 21 2010 7:19pm
Subject:Re: uninstall/reinstall
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On 10/19/2010 12:38 PM, Montgomery, Tammie wrote:
> I had an old version of mySQL on my computer but never used it. I thought I knew the
> root password but it wouldn't let me in. I went ahead and uninstalled it thinking I would
> get a newer version anyway. I used the Windows interface to uninstall the previous
> version. It appeared to be gone but when I installed the new version, it asked me what the
> previous root password was and then give new one. I left previous blank and gave it the
> new password. Now it has been sitting at the screen in the configuration wizard for Apply
> security settings for about 20 minutes. How should I recover from this?
> Barracuda 400 vers 3.5.12 Checked - Virus Free
I ran into a similar problem a few weeks ago.  The solution, in my case, 
was that you must first stop the MySQL process, uninstall with the 
provided uninstall utility, then manually go through Program Files and 
ProgramData (possibly a folder in your Users directory as well) to 
delete all references to MySQL.

When the installer is run for the most current version of MySQL that 
you've downloaded, it won't ask for the previous password and it will be 
as if you're installing a fresh copy.  If I remember correctly, you can 
still do this now even after you've already uninstalling the original 
version of MySQL.  I should mention this was all done in Win7 64-bit; 
you may need to modify folder names if you're on WinXP.

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