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From:Hank Date:October 19 2010 4:41pm
Subject:Re: Purposely Corrupting a table
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It's easy to corrupt the MYISAM index (MYI) file... I do something
like this in linux -- assuming your table is not tiny, and mysql isn't
running or you have a lock on the table:

dd if=table.MYI of=table2.MYI bs=2048 count=100

then copy table2.MYI over table.MYI and then "flush tables" and then unlock.

Your table will be unreadable until you rebuild the index with REPAIR
TABLE or myisamchk.  The MYD file will remain intact.

If your MYI file is smaller than 200k, then just reduce the count=#.


> On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 7:53 PM, Steve Staples <sstaples@stripped> wrote:
>> Ok, been googling all morning, and keep getting the same post (on
>> multiple different sites).
>> Is there a way, where i corrupt a table purposely?   I've tried playing
>> with the .MYD file, and yeah, it "marks" it deleted under the check
>> routine,  but the table is still readable/writable, just doesn't have
>> any info when selecting it...
>> is there another way to corrupt the table, where you can't even select
>> from it, or the responce back from a select is an error?
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