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From:Johan De Meersman Date:October 19 2010 10:45am
Subject:Re: Failover on master/slave replication
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That's pretty much it, indeed. You need to make absolutely sure that no more
connections can be made to the old, broken master, though - even if you have
to physically pull the network or power cable. Failover services refer to
this as STONITH: Shoot The Other Node In The Head.

Don't think "but it went down anyway, that's why I failed over" - sometimes
the service unexpectedly manages to recover itself after you've switched;
and any data that gets inserted into the wrong system is as good as lost,
unless you want to go through a manual reconciliation before reinitialising
the replication.

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 11:55 AM, <a.smith@stripped> wrote:

> Quoting Machiel Richards <machielr@stripped>:
>>        The question I have however is how do you fail over to the slave
>> server in the event that the master server is unavailable and then how
>> to revert back to the master server once the server is available again.
> Hi,
>  to fail over to the slave, you dont need to do anything (except be sure
> that replication is off). That is, tell your apps etc to use the slave
> IP/hostname, change the slave server IP to that of the master or update DNS
> so that all connections are made to the slave instead of the master.
> To reinstate the master after a failover, you must copy your live database
> (now on slave) to the master and reinitiate replication pretty much as you
> did when replication was initially setup. Copying the live DB can be
> achieved via restoring a backup (from the live slave) or you could look at
> Maakit which can analyse table differences and copy only changed data
> (useful for very large DBs, Ive not personally used it tho).
> Thats about it I think, unless anyone wants to correct me on that...
> thanks Andy.
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