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From:Tim Thorburn Date:September 21 2010 3:25am
Subject:Re: MySQL Error 1045
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  Ignore that ... it's amazing how you can solve problems with enough 
caffeine and enough time away from a computer screen >.>

On 9/20/2010 10:58 PM, Tim Thorburn wrote:
>  Hello,
> A few days ago I ran into Error 1045 when attempting to add a new 
> database user to my development machine.  The error only occurred when 
> trying to connect to the database as a new user which I found a little 
> odd.  After searching Google I discovered that this error is caused by 
> a timeout - I should probably mention that my development machine is 
> Win7 Ultimate 64-bit; I was using MySQL 5.1.45.
> Any thoughts on what I can do now?
> TIA,
> -Tim

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