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From:Tim Thorburn Date:September 21 2010 2:58am
Subject:MySQL Error 1045
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A few days ago I ran into Error 1045 when attempting to add a new 
database user to my development machine.  The error only occurred when 
trying to connect to the database as a new user which I found a little 
odd.  After searching Google I discovered that this error is caused by a 
timeout - I should probably mention that my development machine is Win7 
Ultimate 64-bit; I was using MySQL 5.1.45.

Having no luck solving error 1045 I chose to uninstall MySQL and 
re-install the most up to date version from being 5.1.50, 
again choosing Windows 64-bit.  To uninstall I first went to the control 
panel to remove MySQL, however this did not remove the Windows service.  
I did find that running the installer file will remove existing services 
- which is how I was finally able to remove it.  I believe I've now 
gotten as close to a clean uninstall of MySQL as I can at this point.  
When I run the installer now it gets up to the final processing 
configuration stage, but when it attempts to apply security settings I'm 
again presented with the dreaded error 1045 Access denied for user 
'root@localhost' (using password: YES).

The error message goes on to suggest that I open TCP port 3306 in my 
firewall.  This machine came pre-installed with McAfee AntiVirus Plus - 
for good or bad it's worked fine for me up until this point.  I've 
opened port 3306 under Ports and System Services; yet the error still 

Any thoughts on what I can do now?


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