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From:Jangita Date:September 20 2010 11:13am
Subject:RE: Transfer database to MySQL.Huge effort?
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Basically you need to do it manually, no auto import tool will get things

1. create tables, substituting datatypes from source database to compatible
mysql (especially the integer types)
2. create keys that will give same result
3. pump the data, you might have to write scripts to do on the fly
conversion instead of direct export import
4. test the data?

How are you planning to implement the stored procedure if you are not going
to move them?


if you are willing to pay, I bet there are companies that do this :)

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From: Luis Suzuki [mailto:luissuzuki@stripped] 
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Subject: Transfer database to MySQL.Huge effort?

I want to transfer a database(not MySQL) to MySQL(only the tables,not stored
procedures,views etc.).Using SQLWays I gotseveral problems(It needs some
expertise).Now using SQLMaestro DataWizard I exported some tables to csv
format forimporting with mysqlimport,I previously created the database with
CREATE DATABASE (database in simpliest form).Now,when I use mysqlimport to
import the csv formatted tables it tells that I do not have the table xyz.I
thought themysqlimport command could automatically read the imported file
and create the table with adequate structure and name according to the
read/imported file.The number of tables to import are almost two hundred and
previously creating in MySQL almost two hundred tableswith structure
compatible to the imported database tables is a huge effort.Are there any
easier method to follow?I am a relatively new user of database software.

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