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From:Carl Date:September 19 2010 11:09am
Subject:Re: Transfer database to MySQL.Huge effort?
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I regularly move data from MSSQL to MySQL using Navicat.  Start MSSQL (the 
lite version is free if you don't have it) and load your MSSQL data.  From 
Navicat, create a database to receive the data and import it using ODBC.

Very slick, reasonably quick, complete transfer including creating the 



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From: "Luis Suzuki" <luissuzuki@stripped>
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Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2010 6:59 PM
Subject: Transfer database to MySQL.Huge effort?

I want to transfer a database(not MySQL) to MySQL(only the tables,not stored 
procedures,views etc.).Using SQLWays I gotseveral problems(It needs some 
expertise).Now using SQLMaestro DataWizard I exported some tables to csv 
format forimporting with mysqlimport,I previously created the database with 
CREATE DATABASE (database in simpliest form).Now,when I use mysqlimport to 
import the csv formatted tables it tells that I do not have the table xyz.I 
thought themysqlimport command could automatically read the imported file 
and create the table with adequate structure and name according to the 
read/imported file.The number of tables to import are almost two hundred and 
previously creating in MySQL almost two hundred tableswith structure 
compatible to the imported database tables is a huge effort.Are there any 
easier method to follow?I am a relatively new user of database software.

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