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From:Daevid Vincent Date:September 13 2010 10:37pm
Subject:RE: Unique ID's across multiple databases
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> From: Kiss Dániel [mailto:niel@stripped] 
> Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 5:59 AM
> Well, thanks, but I'm afraid using UUID's (even with hex 
> compression) is
> kind of a suicide, when it comes to performance.
> This is a good summary about the issues:

Is this UUID issue unique to mySQL or are there other RDBMS's that handle
it better (Postgress, Oracle, SQL Server, etc?)

I too have a need for a unique identifier that will "mesh" with other
databases periodically. So that a user in one "local" DB/server will get
migrated to a master DB which in turn will sync up with remote sites so
that all sites will have all users in it each night (for example).

Having a mapping of UUID to local ID seems one way, but I feel there is a
lot of room for collisions and integrity issues that way no?

There are some solutions at the bottom of that blog post. Are those not
good then? They seem interesting to me.