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From:mos Date:September 10 2010 6:00am
Subject:Re: Table design help
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At 04:23 PM 9/9/2010, Tompkins Neil wrote:
>Hi all,
>Needing some advice on my tables design.
>Basically I am designing a soccer application, and have a table which
>contains player_bids (the values of which a player costs to be transferred
>between clubs).  Can someone please offer some input on the best way in
>which I should design the financial table for each team to hold the teams
>current balance,historic financial information in terms of player wages and
>how best I should link it to the players_bids table, if I should at all ?
>  Other information storage in the financial table would be things like prize
>money, gate receipts etc
>Thanks for any help.

      If you are just starting out with database design, you may get some 
ideas from


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