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From:Thorsten Heymann Date:September 6 2010 1:02pm
Subject:Dup Key Error Messages
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First, I'm new to this mailing list, hopefully I'll do my post the *right* way.

I've a problem with duplicate key error messages. In my application I use a table with
multiple unique keys (ip_addr and print_name). Lets use this example:
Table `device` :

CREATE TABLE `device` (
`ip_addr` VARCHAR( 15 ) NOT NULL ,
`type` VARCHAR( 32 ) NOT NULL ,
`print_name` VARCHAR( 32 ) NOT NULL ,
PRIMARY KEY ( `id` ) ,
`ip_addr` ,
) ENGINE = InnoDB;

Let's do for example this two queries.

INSERT INTO `device` (ip, type, print_name) VALUES ('', 'pc', 'desktop1');
INSERT INTO `device` (ip, type, print_name) VALUES ('', 'router', 'gw1');

(Note the duplicate ip

My problem is the error message sent MySql Server if a duplicate key error occurres during
insert / update. I have one machine running mysqld 5.0.41 who produces this message:

Duplicate entry '' for key 2.

On the other machine who runs mysqld 5.1.51 I got the following:

Duplicate entry '' for key 'ip'.

Since my application does something like this:

If(String.find('key 2', err_msg)){
     Print 'you have selected the ip twice'.
} else {

... it will not run on mysql 5.1.51.

Digging through mysqld source, I found this behaviour handled in sql/ and
changed from printing key_nr to between this versions. :(

Is there a possible better, reliable way to detect what key is duplictated as searching in
the error message?

Greets Thorsten


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