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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:September 3 2010 2:33pm
Subject:Re: MySQL upgrades?
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Hi Machiel, all!

Machiel Richards wrote:
> Good day all
>     I am looking for someone that can maybe help me with some info
> regarding the upgrading of MySQL.
>     We have a MySQL database currently running with a master/slave
> replication setup.
>      The current version of the database is as follows:
>                 mysql> select version();
>                 +------------------------------+
>                 | version()                    |
>                 +------------------------------+
>                 | 5.0.72sp1-enterprise-gpl-log | 
>                 +------------------------------+
>                 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Ok, so you are an enterprise customer, running a QSP (quarterly) build.

>         This is currently running on RedHat.

A decent platform.

>        This database is however set to be migrated to new hardware later
> during this month and discussions have been in place in order to upgrade
> the Database to the latest version possible.

This makes sense. MySQL 5.0 is in extended support only, so all users
should seize a suitable occasion (like a hardware upgrade) to change to
MySQL 5.1.
Those who follow new development more closely would use MySQL 5.5, but I
trust they have left 5.0 already.

>         As it would seem, the latest enterprise (pro/advanced) version
> available are version 5.1.46sp1 and version 5.1.50 which includes the
> interim updates as well.

The next QSP build is planned to be 5.1.49sp1, which is expected to be
published in October.

>          [[...]]
>      1. which one of these two version will be the best to upgrade to.

It is your choice whether you want to continue running QSP (quarterly)
or MRU (monthly) builds. This choice is not permanent, with any upgrade
you can switch between QSP and MRU packages.

I don't see any reason to pick any older version than one of these.
You should check the changelogs of 5.1.47 through 5.1.50 whether they
contain any change you are interested in - if yes, that might settle the
If none of their changes seems relevant to you, you might stay with the
QSP builds and take MySQL 5.1.46sp1, updating to newer QSP versions with
the frequency that suits your environment.

>      2.  where can I get information on how to upgrade the database
> itself
>      3.  has anyone done this before? if so, is there anything that we
> should look out for?

I'm no expert on this, but AFAIK the MySQL 5.1 manual has a section on that.


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