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From:Ananda Kumar Date:September 3 2010 10:27am
Subject:Re: MySQL upgrades?
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If you planing to migrate to a new hardware, then install the new version of
mysql and take dump of the current data and imported into ur new m/c and
test your app. If  you all looks fine, then ur done.


On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 3:53 PM, Machiel Richards <machiel.richards@stripped
> wrote:

> Good day all
>    I am looking for someone that can maybe help me with some info
> regarding the upgrading of MySQL.
>    We have a MySQL database currently running with a master/slave
> replication setup.
>     The current version of the database is as follows:
>                mysql> select version();
>                +------------------------------+
>                | version()                    |
>                +------------------------------+
>                | 5.0.72sp1-enterprise-gpl-log |
>                +------------------------------+
>                1 row in set (0.00 sec)
>        This is currently running on RedHat.
>       This database is however set to be migrated to new hardware later
> during this month and discussions have been in place in order to upgrade
> the Database to the latest version possible.
>        As it would seem, the latest enterprise (pro/advanced) version
> available are version 5.1.46sp1 and version 5.1.50 which includes the
> interim updates as well.
>         I am trying to find someone who has had experience and can give
> me some pointers in the following regard as this will be my first
> database upgrade:
>     1. which one of these two version will be the best to upgrade to.
>     2.  where can I get information on how to upgrade the database
> itself
>     3.  has anyone done this before? if so, is there anything that we
> should look out for?
>    I would really appreciate the help here.
> Regards
> Machiel

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