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From:Jangita Date:September 3 2010 10:23am
Subject:Re: question about VIEWS in 5.1.x
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On 02/09/2010 8:30 p, Hank wrote:
> Simple question about views:
> I have a view such as:
>           create view combo as
>           select * from table1
>           union
>           select * from table2;
> Where table1 and table2 are very large and identical and have a
> non-unique key on field "id"..
> when I do a:
> select * from combo where id='value'  ;
> the system seems to be doing a table scan of one or both tables.. I
> can't even do an:
> explain select * from combo where field='value' ;
> the system seems to hang on the explain.  SHOW PROCESSLIST says the
> explain is "Sending data ".
> Issuing either one of the view components with the where clause
> returns results in a fraction of a second (pretty much a full indexed
> lookup)
> I know when I used to use Oracle, the where clause would be applied to
> all parts of the view, but in this case, I can't even figure out what
> MySQL is trying to do.
> (I've also tried "UNION ALL" with the same results).
> Any suggestions on how to query both tables using the indexed and the
> view at the same time?  That was my intention.
> -Hank
I think mysql is selecting ALL the records from both tables then 
applying the where clause to all the data from table 1 and table 2 (I 
think - guys correct me if I'm wrong)

Have you tried "running away from the problem :-)" by doing...

	(SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE id = theid)
	(SELECT * FROM table2 WHERE id = theid);

then calling it using

call combo(value);


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