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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:September 1 2010 3:43pm
Subject:RE: Database design help
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I strongly suggest that you make a separate table for the manager <-> team 
relationship, so you can keep a history. Put a date-stamp in there. This might 
come in handy as you get further into your design.

I ran into this problem when one of our sales reps moved from one office to 
another, and took their sales history with them! That was a mess to 


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>Subject: Database design help
>I've a soccer application consisting of managers, teams players and
>fixtures/results. Basically each manager will get points for each game
>which will depend on the result.
>What would be the best table design bearing in mind that a manager can
>move to a different club.
>My thought was to have a field in the fixtures/results table for the
>manager points but i think that I will also need a users field so that
>I can remember which points belong to which manager.
>Is this the correct approach??
>Cheers Neil
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