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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:August 26 2010 1:50pm
Subject:RE: Complicated SQL Query
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>Subject: Complicated SQL Query
>I have a requirement to keep track of a set of data, and all changes
>that might occur. In order to do this, for each field of the data set,
>I've created a table that keeps track of the version, the value, the
>time the change was made, and a linking number that links all the
>different tables back to a single record. I'm assuming, hoping, and
>believe this is a very common setup.
[JS] That's a lot of tables. Do you need separate version tracking for each 
individual field? Or would it be sufficient to have version tracking for each 
row, with a list of fields modified and their "before" values?

If the latter, then you can get by with a lot less complexity; if the former, 
then I think your design might be the only way to go.


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