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From:Baron Schwartz Date:August 25 2010 8:51pm
Subject:Re: calculating memory size (again)
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Hi Geoff,

> This server has 6GB of RAM and no swap.  According to some reasearch I was
> doing I found this formula for calculating memory size:
> key_buffer_size + (read_buffer_size + sort_buffer_size)*max_connections =
> (in your case) 384M + (64M + 2M)*1000 = 66384M
> That come directly from this old post:
> In our case, the result is just below 6GB and then accounting for other
> apps, we would certainly exceed that.  So, my question is simply: is that
> forumula accurate for determinning potential mysql memory allocation?

No, it is not at all.  It never was, and many people have had trouble
with it just as you have.  There really is no way to do what that
formula tries to do.
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