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From:nixofortune Date:August 19 2010 1:00pm
Subject:Workbench strange behavior
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I just start using Workbench 5.2.26 CE and this is a problem I have.
When I try to run a query with a case statement, columns with datetime Type
shown as "BLOB" in output window.
To see the output data I have to right click inside of the cell, choose
"Open Value in Viewer" and see text.
when dda.cancelled_on is null then ''
when dda.cancelled_on is not null then dda.cancelled_on
end as 'Cancelled On',

Should produce cells with a date of cancelled operation, but it returns
"blob" icons where the dates should be.
If I try to Export data as CSV file, the fileds with 'blob' icon instead of
the real datetime data are empty.
The code works nicely in MySQL monitor or PhPMyAdmin with properly formated
CSV exports,
It could be some View option that I missed or Bug in the Workbench.
Has anybody experienced similar Workbench behavior, any ideas?

Workbench strange behaviornixofortune19 Aug
  • Re: Workbench strange behaviorEgor Shevtsov20 Aug