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From:Werner Van Belle Date:August 16 2010 7:46am
Subject:Re: Storage of UTF-8 char in MySQL
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Ryan Chan wrote:
> According to this document:
> It said MySQL support UTF-8 using one to three bytes per character.
> But I have created a test table:
> -- create table test ( c char(5) ) default charset =utf8;
> >From the table status, the data length is alway a multiple of 16.
> So how does it support 3 byte UTF-8 in practice?
I'm afraid you might need to read up on UTF8 and unicode in general.
It's not a 'choice' to have 1, 2 or 3 bytes per character. Rather, when
the characters is sufficiently weird then UTF8 will use 2 or 3 bytes for
that specific character only. Only if your entire message is weird, will
each character consume 3 bytes.




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