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From:Manasi Save Date:August 9 2010 7:10am
Subject:MySQL data get and set problem
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Dear All,

Table values are getting rollback without calling rollback. 

I have a table Test with some columns in it. 

Here's the Table Structure:-

Create Table TestID
 TestID int not null,
 MyID int

I am calling two procedures one is get the value of MyID column and one is to set the
value after that. 

FirstProc :- 

Create procedure SP_GetMyID(TestID int)

 Select MyID From Test Where TestID = TestID;


Call SP_GetMyID(1);

[OUTPUT = 1]

If suppose the above proc returns me 1 as MyID then below proc will set MyID as 2
(incrementing by one)

Call SP_SetMyID(1,2);

Create Procedure SP_SetMyID(TestID int, NewMyID int)

 Update Test 
 Set MyID  = NewMyID 
 Where TestID = TestID;


After setting the value I am again calling get procedure 

Call SP_GetMyID(1);

[OUTPUT = 2]

and if after some time say after 10 seconds if I m calling SP_GetMyID again. It gives me
OUTPUT  as 1. 

 Manasi Save 
 Artificial Machines Private Limited

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