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From:Johnny Withers Date:August 2 2010 6:35pm
Subject:InnoDB Tablespace
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I recently ran out of table space on a production server that had the
following configuration line:


Before I changed this line and restarted the server, I ran SHOW TABLE STATUS
LIKE 'table' on one of the databases and the comment filed said:
InnoDB Free: 3NNN kB (I don't remember the exact number, but know it started
with 3 and had 4 digits.

I modified the configuration line above to:


Now when i run the same show table status command, the comment field says:
InnoDB free: 6144 kB

Is that telling me that I only have 6MB of storage left even though I
increased the table space by 8GB?

Also, If I wanted to add another file to this file_path variable, can I just
add it to the end like so:


Or will that cause MySQL to complain the file size isn't correct the next
time it starts?

Thanks for any help!

Johnny Withers

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