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From:Nunzio Daveri Date:July 29 2010 6:29pm
Subject:Can I have 30GB of Innodb Index on a 16GB 2CPU quad core server?
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Hi All, I was running slamdb against one of our QA boxes and noticed that the 
innodb database is 190Gb in size BUT the worrying issue is that the indexes are 
30GB in size!!!  When I hit this server hard, it tanks on memory but still 
performs, slower of course ;-)  Any suggestions on what I should do?  I am 
thinking of doing one of these:

1. Remove all queries, run for a few days, look at the slow query logs and then 
find those queries that really need them and index those specificially for 
2. Split the single server into two servers both with 16 gb and 2 quad core 
cpu's. One master the other a slave.
3. Just add another 16gb (32GB total) and that should take care of the indexing 

Anyone had this problem before???

Oh this is a single box, 100% mysql only and it talks to 3 front end iPlanet web 
servers that hit it with a few hundread queries per second.



Can I have 30GB of Innodb Index on a 16GB 2CPU quad core server?Nunzio Daveri29 Jul