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From:Robert P. J. Day Date:July 28 2010 9:23am
Subject:might need some help recovering tables from trashed DB
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  i asked about this once upon a time, and might need a little more
help here.  a friend's mysql hosting provider lost an entire DB, but
has managed to recover and hand over the "ibdata1" file (or at least
some portion of it).

  when my friend popped into mysql, what he's seeing is that some of
the tables appear to be back, but others generate a "does not exist"
diagnostic.  by way of trying to help last time, i literally copied
the underlying mysql files onto my linux system, then fired up mysql
to see what magically appeared, but that was before i even had the
ibdata1 file so i wasn't surprised to get very little in the way of
recovered data.

  now, though, with this ibdata1 file, i can try that again -- fire up
a new linux box, and manually install the files under /var/lib/mysql.
i'm guessing i'll see much of what he's seeing.  i just want to verify
that, if that's all i have access to and some of the tables still
appear to be missing, there's not much i can do.  or is there?



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might need some help recovering tables from trashed DBRobert P. J. Day28 Jul