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From:dennis skinner Date:July 20 2010 4:28pm
Subject:newb problem
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Hello   I am a new mysql user.  Can anyone tell me why this does not create a table?
<           ?php    (the spaces before the question mark are not in the code)
mysql_connect(localhost, $dbuser, $dbpassword);
mysql_select_db($dbname) or die("unable to select database");
$query="create table patnotes(patid int(9) not null unsigned, patnote int(6) not null
unsigned auto_increment,
parentid int not null unsigned, appuserid varchar(40) not null, subject varchar(100) not
body longtext not null),
primary key(patnote),
unique id(patnote)";
then the closing question mark and carat on this line              this does not build a
file and I am wondering what syntax I am missing here                  thanks dennis 

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