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From:Keith Murphy Date:July 19 2010 1:54pm
Subject:Re: Myisam advantages
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Since everyone keeps bringing up Innodb's shared tablespace, I will point
out that Innodb has a "file-per-table" option where each table has it own
tablespace. This helps with management issues. While there is still a
central datafile it doesn't contain table data and is much smaller than if
you used a centralized table space.


On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Jan Steinman <Jan@stripped> wrote:

> From: "P.R.Karthik" <prkart@stripped>
>>  I am newbie to mysql can i know the advantages of myisam storage engine
>> and some of its special features.
> Works better with file-based incremental backup systems.
> With InnoDB, you end up backing up a humongous file of all your InnoDB
> tables, even if only one byte in one field of one table of one database was
> touched.
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