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From:Andrés Tello Date:July 19 2010 7:13am
Subject:First impression of mysql 5.5.3 vs mysql 4.1.22
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While uploading the database to a clean mysql, mysql 4.1.22 didn't even get
over 26 mb/s of writting speed, but I'm monitoring the speed mysql 5.5.3 is
reaching and can squeeze 100mb/s, averga I'm seeing like 35mb/s....

22GB at mysql 4.1 lasted like 3 hours to fully load, this one I belive less
than an hour...

I like the performance I'm seeing...

Going to sleep XD can't wait to test it! but have to sleep... battery mode
and I'm watching the special about LOTR from History Channel...

*Three hardware family  for the sysadmin under the sky,
Seven version for the bazar  in their halls of code,
Nine engines for DBAs doomed to die,
One Enterprise for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Redwood where the Shadows lie.
One Enterprise to rule them all, One License to find them,
One Contract to bring them all and in the darkness bind them*

First impression of mysql 5.5.3 vs mysql 4.1.22Andrés Tello19 Jul