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From:Andrés Tello Date:July 15 2010 2:59pm
Subject:Re: Why is MySQL always linked to Php? The history channel version...
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HIstorical convinience:

A certification program for oracle or db2 requires a lot of money and time.
The facilities oracle and db2 can offer to the dba includes things that the
S.O should to. Exaple: raw spaces and table spaces, hot copy, replication,

Many of this "facilities" used to be provided by the S.O with tools like
lvm, drdb, heartbeat and so on in Linux.

But that was  years ago. Back then, mysql didn't eve had locking, less
replication. I remember when Mysql added replication, long before postgress
sql, that allowed "us", mysql people to kick ass postgress people, because
while postgress was fully ACID and mysql wasn't, we had... REPLICATION...
(insert toy story *wow* here please)...

So, back in those years, when web was just as a emergin technology, a fast,
relaiable, easy to use and install database was Mysql. If I don't remeber
bad, even php support for mysql was included earlier than postgress... and
then the concept of LAMP started to gestate, as Linux Apache PHP & Mysql...

Meanwhile a LAMP people was working with small systems for the web, as a new
trend, the "olds" dba were working with store procedures, oracle rac,
informix being bougth by IBM2.... those dbas used to admin big, big
projects, cus smaller installations where using... Acess.... *shudder*

So, 2 branches of DBA arised, one brach, the corporate DBA, which should
know how to configure and administer everything from a big, big, and
difficult package, and the "script kiddiedbas", which didn't care about
acid, used the S.O to make table able to grow with LVM, and developed code
with php... Mysql was simple...

And the leyend asired... WEB 2.0... and people started to alinate that lamp
included Perl, not only php... those pesky monks, quite a bit fanatics...

Mysql evolved into an enterprise, and a business model arised, and
certification for mysql were created by a central organization, the mysql
people it self. And THEN, we started to have a path to get "Authorized"
trainning... and mysql capabilites started to match with those big database,
acid, store procedure, georeferencing, etc, etc, etc...

So, the reason why mysql is bound to php is historical and because LAMP was
very cheap to implement against DB2, Informix and Sybase. (I will not
mention oracle, cus... well, you know this "new situation with oracle")

In my particular point of view, I don't like too certified people because
the tend to lack the hability to work aroud issues if their certified
knowledge over the certifed tool doesn't had a certified way of doing the
certified thing...

And in the end, a multi skilled resource is much better than a single
skilled resource...

Hope this answer your question.

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 9:00 AM, alba.albetti <alba.albetti@stripped>wrote:

> Browsing the Web I've seen that usually companies look for developers
> working on MySQL and Php. Why are the two things linked? I mean I've not
> found any requests for just a MySQL developer or DBA (as for example it
> happens for Oracle), but it's always requested a MySQL/Php expert.
> I ask for it 'cause I've always been a developer/DBA on RDBMS (Oracle and
> DB2) and as I've been learning MySQL for few weeks, I'd like to know whether
> and why it's so important to learn Php as well. It would be so difficult to
> find a job as MySQL developer/DBA without knowing Php as well.
> Thanks!
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