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From:Prabhat Kumar Date:July 14 2010 9:39am
Subject:Re: How to define the initial space for a table
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I am no sure you are taking about cluster table space or innodb table space.

Just check :

On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 2:52 PM, alba.albetti <alba.albetti@stripped>wrote:

> Is it possible in MySQL to define the initial space that the table is going
> to use and the space for its growth? I usually work on Oracle where the
> syntax is:
> create table MYTABLE
> (...fields...)
> tablespace MYTABLESPACE
> (initial 2M
>    next 1M);
> that means Oracle reserves a data block of 2Mb for the table and where and
> whether the table will grow, it will allocate more block of 1Mb in the
> tablespace.
> How does MySQL behave about that? By the way is there any Manual where it's
> explained how MySQL manage tablespaces, datafiles, ...?
> Thanks!
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