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From:Prabhat Kumar Date:July 13 2010 7:15pm
Subject:Re: How to become a DBA on MySQL
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there is another suggestion. if you have good/unlimited net connection. Just
explore youtube for MySQL videos.. I remember in my beginning days it helped
me a lot.

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 11:56 PM, Shawn Green (MySQL) <> wrote:

> On 7/13/2010 9:24 AM, alba.albetti wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to know which are the main tasks for a DBA, so in addition of the
>> on-line tutorial of MySQL, is there anyone telling me whether there exists
>> some tutorial (better if in PDF) where it's possible to undestand and learn
>> all you need for managing the MySQL DB as DBA? I mean I'd like to read
>> something explaining what are datafiles, tablespaces, ... and what usually a
>> DBA is asked to do (creating databases, starting up and shutting down the
>> database, managing the database's storage structures, making database
>> backups and performing recovery, monitoring and tuning performance, ...) In
>> other words I'd like to read how to manage a DB as DBA, because I've always
>> worked only as developer and not as DBA.
>> Thanks!
> You probably already have the basic skills you need. You just need to shift
> your approach to the problem.
> While most "developers" are more worried about putting data into a database
> and finding it when they need it, the DBA has a different philosophy. The
> DBA is the one entrusted to keep that data safe, to protect the data from
> the bad habits of inexperienced programmers, and to ensure that the whole
> system (not just the parts the users need to touch) remain in good working
> order.
> It's the same difference between borrowing a car to drive it and caring for
> a car you own while allowing others to drive it from time to time.
> Here is a very short and incomplete list of the big things you should be
> able to do as a DBA:
> 1) Understand the backup and restore processes. Be able to perform them
> reliably.
> 2) Understand how the data is stored on the system resources. Be prepared
> to relocate data to a different resource.
> 3) Understand how MySQL permissions work. Create and change accounts as
> necessary.
> 4) Understand how to read the MySQL performance and diagnostic reports.
> When something is not working well, these are usually the first place to
> look for clues. At the minimum learn how to use and understand the EXPLAIN
> results; the SHOW reports; and how to activate, deactivate, and interpret
> the InnoDB monitors.
> 5) Be able to read and understand the Error log.
> 6) Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each storage engine.
> 7) Learn at least the basic skills about how to navigate within and
> maintain the machine that is hosting your MySQL instance.
> 8) Always keep learning - I cannot stress this on point enough. You must
> continue learning to stay ahead of your developers. They can and will find
> new and exciting ways to make your MySQL servers run like they are frozen in
> mud. Use your development experience to find better ways to write their
> queries and to design their tables.  Also, some problems may be due to bugs.
> By staying current with the state of the MySQL ecosystem, you will make
> yourself aware of problems that you may not have needed to encounter on your
> own.
> The links to the books and other resources that you have been given (see
> other responses in this thread) are excellent places to learn these, and all
> of the other, skills that you will need to use to become a good DBA. How
> good you become is all in the attitude you take.
> If you are hands-off and neglectful of your database server, then all of
> the databases hosted there may become poorly organized resource hogs. If
> you, as a DBA, are diligent, protectful, proactive, and concerned then you
> will have a much better chance of achieving amazing performance out of your
> servers.
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