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From:michel Date:July 7 2010 11:24am
Subject:Re: Fixed Connection Diagnostic Tool
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Mike, much thanks and I have it fixed!

The problem was that I screwed up setting the database permissions. I am 
really happy that I learned about

"mysql -h"

It will be a great help!


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Subject: Re: Fixed Connection Diagnostic Tool

C3P0 connection does, indeed work well on remote machines..  In fact,
I only deploy it locally on dev servers.  My production systems all
use c3p0 on remote servers.

Again, if you can connect from the command line of your client machine
to the server *via TCP* with the same credentials as your DataSource
is using, then it will all just work fine.  You appear to have
specified a bind address which made local TCP connections impossible.
Address that, and you sohuld have no trouble at all.

 - md

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 6:45 PM, michel <compukat@stripped> wrote:
> Thank you all for the help and info! This error happened because I started
> MySQL with -bind-address=; even if Softslate is given the
> proper IP address and port number is fails on connection pooling. I fixed
> the problem by setting the MySQL IP address to
> I am thinking that the reason is that the C3P0 connection pooling cannot
> work on a 'remote' machine.
> Michel
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> Subject: Re: Connection Diagnostic Tool
>> On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 3:55 PM, michel <compukat@stripped> wrote:
>>> I have been trying to figure this one out, but I don't have the skill
>>> sets
>>> here so I can use some help.
>>> I tried ' -h' in my bash shell and I get a command not found,
>>> so I
>>> am still really off-the-mark. Is there a place on the net I can look up
>>> what
>>> it does and how to run it?
>>> Thanks!
>> I am pretty sure Michael that meant running the command line mysql 
>> client:
>> mysql -uuser -ppass -h127.0.0.1 -e 'select "hello world!"'
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